Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the sessions?
Sessions on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are held at Rototuna Junior High in the dance studio (on Kimbrae Drive) in Rototuna Hamilton. Sessions on a Wednesday are held at Te Ao Marama School in Flagstaff Hamilton (on the corner of Borman Road and Hare Puke Drive).
How long are the sessions?
Sessions are 25 minutes for the Jitterbugs Mini’s and 30 minutes for all other sessions
Do you offer sessions for boys?

At the moment there are no sessions offered for boys, but we have run sessions in the past. Let me know if you are interested and if we get enough demand we can see about putting another unisex class back on.

How much are lessons for the term and what do I get for this?
Lessons are $105 for 8 weeks of dancing plus a show at the end of the term. Entry to the show is $2 per family. There are no extra costs for uniforms etc. Your child will be provided with a shirt or outfit to wear (older kids just need black tights to wear with their shirt) and you return this after the show. This cost also includes access to video’s so your child can practice at home and every term your child attends counts towards an attendance award which are received after 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 years of attendance.
Do you offer lessons on the weekend?

Unfortunately we do not offer lessons at the weekend, but there are other dance schools around that do.

Do you have exams?
At Jitterbugs there are no exams or competitions – it’s all about having lots of fun and trying your best in a fun/supportive environment. Instead we do a show every single term so your child gets the benefit of going on stage and friends and family can come along and watch!
What does my child need to wear to lessons?
Your child can wear whatever they like to dance lessons as long it is something they can move easily in. Some of the mini’s wear little dresses, while others wear their daycare clothes 😊
Can I come along and watch a session?

Yes we encourage you to come along and watch a session to see what we do. If you let me know you are coming we can look out for you and your child might even have a chance to join in the warmup!

What if I pay and my child doesn’t enjoy it?

We don’t have many families who join up and then pull out, but if your child decides they don’t like it after their first lesson, we do offer a refund less the first lesson/admin fee. The sooner you let us know the more refund you will receive. Any notification after two weeks and unfortunately no refund will be given (as it is normally too late to let anyone else in), but we will offer a voucher towards another term.

What if my child is very shy?

Jitterbugs is a great place for shy children to come along to as it will help build their confidence. Sometimes it takes a few lessons or maybe even a term to get them up dancing at lessons, but your child will gain a lot from the sessions by watching and dancing at home and normally by the end of the term they are away. In some cases some of our best dancers have been the shyest and have taken the longest to settle in, but as long as you are willing to persevere and have some patience, 99% of the time we can get them dancing. We work closely with the parents on a weekly basis for those kids who might need a little more help settling in.

Who takes the sessions?

All the sessions are run by Jolie (Director of Jitterbugs), except for the Hip Hop session which is run by Kaia a student with many years of hip hop experience. Being the owner of the business and taking both the enrolments and the dance sessions means I get to know the kids and families very well and it makes for a more personable experience. I know where every kid is at, what they need to work on and their learning style which makes their experience at Jitterbugs super smooth and a family like environment.

Can parents sit in and watch the lessons?

At Rototuna Junior High we are in the dance in a studio. Parents can sit outside and watch through the glass windows. If you do want to come into the studio you are welcome to, but will need to ensure your phone is switched off and you sit quietly without talking. We encourage you to sit outside the studio as it is good for your child’s confidence, however we also understand watching your child is super rewarding which is why we allow you to come in. The mini’s sometimes need their parents in the room.
The Wednesday sessions are held at Te Ao Marama School in the Hall where parents and families can sit in and watch. Again you must keep noise to a minimum so the dancing girls are not distracted.

How do I know what session is best for my child?

Most of the sessions are based on the age of your child, however the age range is just an indication and it really depends on your’s child’s ability to learn, their coordination, and any previous dance experience. Please just make contact with us if you are unsure. If they have had previous experience we are happy to meet them and watch them dance to see where they are at. If we see a child picks up the moves super quick we will look to progress them into a harder session sooner (ie seniors/advanced session).

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