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Jitterbugs Dance Lessons for kids is all about gaining confidence, learning lots of moves, learning to keep in time to the music, improving fitness and posture, helping with concentration and co-ordination, and most of all, having fun.

At Jitterbugs Dance Lessons the children learn two dances a term, their main dance and a group dance, and get to present these dances on stage in front of an audience at the end of the term. The end of term show is an informal show to show friends and family what the kids have learnt during the term and is held at Rototuna Junior High on the stage.

Kids can wear whatever they like to dance lessons and will be provided with a t-shirt or mini’s dance outfit to wear at the end of term show.

The kids also receive a lollipop and certificate each term for their efforts and are provided with video’s of their dances to practice to at home. Every term they work towards achieving an attendance award which is a Trophy at 2 years, a Sash at 4 years, a Special Certificate and Necklace at 6 years and a Special Reading and Jitterbugs Drink Bottle at 8 years. 

We have something for everyone!

There are currently 9 different types of Jitterbugs Dance Lessons available.
All sessions are 30 minutes long apart from the Mini’s which are 25 minutes long. Dance sessions include a mix of jazz/aerobic style moves except for the Hip Hop session.

Lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are held at Rototuna Junior High in the dance studio. Lessons on Wednesday are held at Te Ao Marama School in the hall.

Jitterbugs Dance Lessons kids in dance studio
Jitterbugs dance lessons girls having fun
Jitterbugs Dance Lessons showtime
Jitterbugs certificate presentation
“Jitterbugs is a great place to start dancing. The kids don’t have a uniform and there is a small show at the end of every term. My daughter has gone all year and it has boosted her confidence in front of an audience.”

All Ages Welcome

Please note that the age ranges are just an indication. It depends on your child’s confidence, concentration, commitment and co-ordination as to which session would best suit them.
Jitterbugs dance classes ages 3-8 years

Ages 3-8yrs

There are four sessions that might suit your child in this age group. The Jitterbugs Mini’s and MiniJam (unisex) sessions are for pre-schoolers, the Jitterbugs Junior session is for girls who have settled into school and the Jitterbugs JuniorPlus session is for those who have progressed from the Junior session and are preparing for the Intermediate session.

Jitterbugs dance classes ages 7-14 years

Ages 7-14yrs

The kids in this age group have the choice to join the Jitterbugs Intermediate session, JitterJam Session (unisex) or if they are over 9 the Jitterbugs Hip Hop session. The Hip Hop session is taught by an experienced Hip Hop teacher and requires the girls to put in quite a bit of practice. The Jitterbugs Intermediate session prepares the girls for the Jitterbugs Senior and Jitterbugs Advanced Sessions.

Jitterbugs advanced dance classes

Advanced Sessions

Once the girls have been dancing at Jitterbugs for a while and we think they are ready, we will invite them to join the Jitterbugs Senior session where they will get more help with their timing and technique. The Jitterbugs Senior session works towards preparing the girls for the Jitterbugs Advanced session, where the girls will be challenged with moves and formations.

Check out our Classes

Visit our Dance Class page for our entire list of class sessions. Jitterbugs offers something for everyone!

Why Jitterbugs?

Great Fun

Jitterbugs is all about having fun and trying your best! The kids are super excited to come along to lessons and I am super excited to see them!


Everyone is welcome at Jitterbugs – no matter what you child’s ability is or where they are from, we have something for them. Families get to join in too!


Not only will Jitterbugs help with your child’s fitness, but it will also help with their posture, coordination and help to strengthen their muscles.

Social Skills

Jitterbugs is AMAZIING to help with your child’s confidence, help them to develop friendships and feel part of a group, and to get them interacting with others. 
“I can highly recommend Jitterbugs if anyone is looking at some low key dancing for their kids. It has given mine so much confidence on stage (that has gone on to help them with things like school speeches), it’s not super time-consuming or strict like formal dance, but fun with a bit of discipline as Jolie expects the kids to pull together as a group to put on their performance. We’ve been going for 8 years!”

About Jitterbugs

Jolie started Jitterbugs Dance Lessons after hearing from a lot of parents that their children loved dancing, but it was too expensive and they couldn’t always be bothered with the stress of the end of year shows.

Jitterbugs Dance Lessons began in February 2011 with around 10 students and has since grown to over 190 students, thanks mainly to the word-of-mouth of parents.

Jolie is a qualified Chartered Accountant so alongside running Jitterbugs and JitterFit (Adult Fitness Sessions), she also has an Audit Contracting business.

Dancing started out as a small hobby, but now consumes more time than Jolie’s accountancy work and she loves every minute of it!

Jolie has two children, Cameron 15, Paige 13, and a very supportive husband and if it wasn’t for their help and support she wouldn’t being doing everything she currently does!

“I absolutely love what I do and hopefully this shows in my enthusiasm at dancing and towards the kids.”  – Jolie

Jitterbugs Instructor Jolie with family

Jolie Hopping

Instructor &

Director of Jitterbugs

In Jolie’s younger days she was a Tap Dancer and spent many hours practicing each week, sitting exams and lots of weekends away at competitions. She started dancing when she was 5 and kept at it for around 7 years! The competitions involved Jazz as well as Tap and she always did well at the “Impromptu” dances where dancers had to listen to a song for 3 minutes then go on stage and make up a dance to it with no practice! Obviously she enjoyed doing her own style of dance, which is the style she bring to Jitterbugs!

Jolie also has over 24 years experience teaching aerobics and fitness sessions. Jolie still currently teaches at the Uni Rec Centre and runs another business called JitterFit (Fitness Sessions) alongside Jitterbugs. Jolie is super passionate about helping both adults and kids in anyway she can.

Jitterbugs Hip Hop Instructor


Hip-Hop Instructor

Kaia is a Year 12 student at Rototuna Senior High School and has been dancing since she was 3 years old.

Kaia has done Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop at various dance studios including the exams and has worked as an assistant teacher at the YMCA after school care teaching preschool and primary aged kids.

Kaia enjoys going on adventures with her friends and family and is super excited about teaching dance as it is her passion to become a school teacher in the future.

Let’s get started!

Get in touch about enrolling in our Jitterbugs Dance Classes. We have a variety of options for different ages and skill levels.